-Westminster Abbey

-Tower of London

-National Gallery

-St Paul's Cathedral

-Architecture of the City

-Royal London

-War Walks

-Tate Modern


Tower of London

Palace, fortress, mint, prison, safe and execution site, the Tower has been it all! Today it's the high-security vault that holds the Crown Jewels of England, though its dark past lingers on sinisterly today. Come and discover stories of unfortunate prisoners, mysterious disappearances, botched executions and scavenging ravens in one of London’s most intriguing sites.  

Westminster Abbey

Savour the Gothic splendour of our nation’s abbey and walk in the footsteps of Prince William, Kate Middleton and the royals of old. Re-live the coronations of kings and queens of England, hear the story of two feuding sisters and stand at the graves of some of the nation's greats like Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Like a rock at the heart of the city, St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the symbols of London. It feels ever-present, dependable and resolute, and in its soaring dome the very spirit of London is evoked with awe-inspiring majesty. Gaze up at the saints and apostles that have witnessed the highs of the wedding of Charles and Diana in 1981 to the catastrophic lows of the Blitz in 1940.

National Gallery

The masters of old are all around you here in one of our leading art galleries. The National Gallery houses masterpieces of between 1300 and 1900. Featuring the grand Tudor portraits of Hans Holbein, the sweeping vistas of Rubens, the panache of Turner’s maritime scenes and the bright dazzling colours of Impressionism and Vincent van Gogh. 

Tate Modern

Something a little more off-the-wall? Tate Modern is the most popular modern art gallery on Earth. Set inside the industrial megastructure that is Bankside power station, take a quick highlights tour from the origins of the modern art movement in Picasso’s Cubism before hitting the striking Pop Art of Andy Warhol. Contrast this with the calming, atmospheric moods of Mark Rothko’s abstract Seagram Murals. 

British Museum

Explore the origins of human kind in the world’s most popular museum. The British Museum contains one of the largest collections of Ancient Egyptian mummies, an exquisite walrus tooth chess set used in a Harry Potter film and the world-famous Rosetta Stone, the stone which helped cracked hieroglyphs. Feast your eyes too on the beautiful Parthenon marbles from ancient Athens. 

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