James Bond's Mayfair

The name's Bond, James Bond...or was it? James Bond was born in London, but the character bears many resemblences to his creator, Ian Fleming. This tour takes you to some of the key locations in Fleming's London: his favourite restaurant, his cigar shop, his gentleman's club. We'll delve into a world of hairbrained wartime plots and undercover martinis on this covert operation through Mayfair.

Jack the Ripper

London’s most infamous serial killer was never caught: a fact that makes the story of Jack the Ripper all the more enduring today. In 1888 London’s East End was notorious for its depravity, vice and dark habits and when 6 women were murdered in the space of a few months media hype and an early tabloid press sent the public wild. 

Rock n'Roll London

No one does pop culture quite like the Brits and nowhere breaths music history quite like London. On this musical jaunt around Mayfair and Soho, we'll uncover the psychedelic den of one of the world's greatest guitarists and the location of the Fab Four's final gig. There's even a pink bathtub story!

War Walks

London is a survivor; it has witnessed the effects of not just one world war but two. See the legacy and the impact of two world wars and hear the stories of those that lived through the Blitz in 1940. Discover the surprising bombing raids of London by Zeppelin airships in the First World War and understand how commemorations of the 1914-1918 war are being commemorated 100 years on.  

The Charlie Chaplin Trail

Everyone’s favourite tramp from the golden age of cinema was a Londoner! Visit Chaplin’s birthplace, hear of his meagre upbringing and survival, quite literally, on old boiled boots. From early days in a paupers' workhouse to scraping a living in a travelling circus, we'll see how Chaplin was catapulted to stardom in the USA and how his bumbling tramp persona was forged on the rough streets of south London.


The village where the world divides. Greenwich hosts the prime meridian and the Greenwich Observatory, just two features that make this part of South East London a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the Painted Hall where national hero Horatio Nelson laid in state and then climb the hill to take in the greatest view in all London. 

Gables, Girders and Glass: London Architecture

Explore the origins of human kind in the world’s most popular museum. The British Museum contains one of the largest collections of Ancient Egyptian mummies, an exquisite walrus tooth chess set used in a Harry Potter film and the world-famous Rosetta Stone, the stone which helped cracked hieroglyphs. Feast your eyes too on the beautiful Parthenon marbles from ancient Athens. 


London was once the busiest port on Earth, handling millions of tons of cargo a year at its peak. In past decades London’s docks saw a rapid downturn and for many years the area was left to decay. Now, though, Docklands is rejuvenated and is fast becoming one of the trendiest and most desirable places to live and work. Why not consider a stroll through 200 years of history right up to the modern day.  

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