Windsor Castle

The royal castle of Windsor is the regular weekend residence of HM Queen Elizabeth II and the oldest occupied castle in the country. Windsor is so connected to the British royal family that they have even made it their last name. See the astoundingly gothic St George’s Chapel, the burial place of the likes of Henry VIII, George VI (the subject of the film the King’s Speech) and his wife Elizabeth the Queen Mother.


The neolithic stone circle of Stonehenge gives away new secrets every year. We know approximately when it was made, we know by who, but what still baffles experts and visitors alike is why Stonehenge was built. Experience the magic and mystery of this powerful site.


Taking the spa waters at Bath has been the vogue since Roman times. It was said, historically, that the waters healed general aches and pains, cured skin diseases and was even said to have aided fertility! See the ancient Roman Baths before enjoying Jane Austen’s Georgian town and the traditional pubs, ice cream shops, bun stores and tasty fish and chip restaurants. 


Surrounded by the patchwork fields of rural southern England, Salisbury is the quintessential English town. Visit the gothic masterpiece of Salisbury Cathedral, which boasts the tallest spire in the country before a stroll along the banks of the beautiful River Avon and a visit to the quaint country shops on the high street.


On the trail of the Canterbury Tales by early English writer Geoffrey Chaucer. Canterbury was once the destination for pilgrims from all over the Christian world as they sought miracles at the shrine of Thomas Becket, who was martyred in the city cathedral in the 12th century. Today the town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with what is regarded the oldest Christian church in England.



The city of gleaming spires and home to the world-famous Oxford University. We’ll go inside some of the colleges, see where students have their meals and learn about life in universities today. Oxford is not just a university town but a living film set with Harry Potter, Midsomer Murders and even Downton Abbey all being filmed in the city.

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