All engagements timed from & to Central London



Half Day (up to 4 hours max.)

- Morning tours to finish no later than 13:30

- Afternoon tours to start no earlier than 13:30

- Evening tours up to 4 hours

From £150



Full Day

- London (up to 9 hours and finishing no later than 18:00)

- Out of London (max. 9 hours and finishing no later than 19:00)

From £240



Museum and Gallery Tours*

- Highlights Tours (up to 3 hours. Most galleries limit groups to 25 people)

From £150

additional entry fee to museum/gallery may be paid in advance or arranged on the day*




Public Holidays

For guiding on one of the following public holidays the following surcharge is applicable:


- New Year's Day/Good Friday/Easter Sunday/Easter Monday/Boxing Day


- Christmas Day





Please be aware that a cancellation policy is applicable for the following:


- cancellation 96 hours prior to commencement of engagement

Full Fee

- cancellation 10 days prior to commencement of engagement





For further information on fees, cancellations and overtime fees please click here to see the fees page provided by the Guild of Registered Tour Guides


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